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About Us

FootballBesides our rich experience in real estate and property management here at Tindell & Co., we bring to the table some mighty strong connections to the Portland metro area we serve.At the helm of our company is Jessica Tindell, a born-and-bred Portland native. She and her husband both are highly active in the community, happily involved in high-school athletics and other youth sports. Our team is based in Multnomah Village, offering you a locally operated property-management outfit always there when you need us.

All of the Tindell & Co. team members exhibit our winning combination of friendliness and know-how. Whether we’re working with one of our tenants or property owners, we give them our complete attention and use this high level of engagement to fulfill their needs as completely as we can.

We’d be honored if you allowed Tindell & Co. to be your Portland source for first-rate property management!